Available Scholarships for College – The Biggest and the Best

The scholarships you are about to read about below offer $10,000 and more to students who meets their criteria for receiving a student grant.

These free money for school are arranged in no particular order because they are all offering “big money” for academic purposes.

  • The Cameron Impact Student Grant

The Cameron Impact free student bursary is targeted at students who possesses high educational feat, and have indicated their interest in serving the public backed up with a clearly stated aim and objective; or have shown on—the—go volunteer work in their community. Such candidate may apply and people whose names gets to the final list may receive up to $50,000 annually for their courses, textbooks, tuition charges, housing, and even daily supplies and tools.

  • Rose Researchers Free Bursary Program

The Rose Free Bursary program is open to senior and junior high school students, and even sophomores who possesses the potential to lead, are well mannered, and knows how to truly act civilly. Up to $200,000 is up for students who can make it to the list of successful applicants.

  • The WHOPPER Grant Program offered by James W. McLamore

This scholarship offered by James W. is open to students actively involved in athletics, involved in community service, or can demonstrate their ability to handle leadership roles. Students can receive up to $50,000 per recipient.

  • Coca-Cola Academics Foundation Grants

This Coke scholarship might just be for you. Coca-Cola is willing to assist students with a sun of #20,000. Students should bear in mind that the offer is not open to everyone. Only students with leadership potential, good school grades etc. may apply for the coke student grant.

  • $50,000 Student Grant offered by the Elks National Foundation

The Elks National Foundation as kept aside up to $50,000 for the scholarships offered by them. Their scholarship is focused more applicants who proves they have high need for sponsorship, demonstrate community leadership and faring well in their academics.

  • The Gates Free Scholarships – Fully Funded

The Gates Free Scholarships is a fully funded scholarship offered to high school seniors that demonstrates exceptionality. Up to 300 senior high school students are awarded with the Gates student grants annually. This scholarship helps student reach their full potential by granting them access to higher education at no cost. The study fees, feeding, accommodation, and books are covered by this scholarship offering for a period of four years.

  • The DREAMers student grant – 100% Sponsored

The DREAMers student grant is currently open for application. As a student seeking to start a college education, and possesses the determination to get a degree, then the DREAMers free student grant is for you. Students applying for this grant must be willing to study at partner institutions because the fees, books and some other accompanying expenses at the college. Deadline is 8th March, 2019.

  • ScholarshipPoints Free $10,000 Grant

ScholarshipPoints is offering free money for college to students seeking admittance into college or already admitted into a university system. As an interested candidate to this program, all you need to do is to become a member of ScholarshipPoints, log into your account and you may stand a chance to win this free college money for school.

If you search the internet, you will find more scholarships. Carefully peruse each scholarship before sending your applications.  

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