Aker Scholarship for International Students, 2018

Anne Grete Eidsvig and Kjell Inge Røkke speaks your language. Quite seriously. This is a great international initiative that backs promising and decent students from all countries.

It is hardly just that, though. The scholarship also offers to relocate you in a number of countries, including Caltech, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Oxford,  Cambridge,  Imperial College London  and National University of Singapore (NUS), or in other words – the world’s top universities.

If you are particularly excelling youth who wants to plunge right into the thick of your graduate studies, this offer is just the best thing that may have ever happened to you and we will most certainly want to prove it to you!

You should start applying now and get yourself admitted with a 2-3 page application, which outlines why you are the best candidate.

There are other alternatives as well. You can opt for an online education, an online university and a distance learning degree or distance learning programs. Online masters degrees are also an option.

While we are not entirely sure, you could try to use Anne Grete Eidsvig and Kjell Inge Røkke initiative and apply for those.

So what is it that an online education, an online university or a distance learning degree or distance learning programs and online masters degrees can do for you? A whole lot is the short and admittedly rather long of it.

You can opt for a number of great opportunities, both online and offline. Now, you will hardly want to take up online education if you can go to MIT. But surprisingly a lot of the listed institutions offer a distance learning degree and distance learning programs. An online masters degrees are also possible.

And while admittedly Oxford is not an online university it has a rather rich offering of courses that can be accessed online.

In addition to the cash prize, the foundation that finances the whole initiative will help you find what is the best program for you to study in. That is perhaps its strongest selling pitch and one that you should justly explore in full.


  1. Please I Iheme Emmanuel Onyebuchi wish to be with you in your university. Please how can I apply and start school with you people


  2. Hi,
    I want to be part of your schooling. How can i apply?


  3. please sir/ma i wish to study medicine in your university please how can i apply


  4. thank you for choosing me I want join your university and study in physics if there is way, but I do not know how I apply


  5. hello,i wish to be part of this scholarship.how can I apply ?please help me


  6. hii…my name is Miriam am currently a student in a small university doing bachelor in industrial chemistry….. am here looking for better opportunity and not be limited because of where I currently in….I really need a scholarship in school of pure and applied science….how do I apply for this scholarship? please reply thank you


  7. hello sir/mam, I’m from Bangladesh and doing my higher secondary. I want to to my further studies in your country. if you can help me in this regurd please reply


  8. I want to say how are you sir/mam i am a university student in ethiopia how can i get the chance of joining your country please reply me I am learning economics in my country


  9. Hello am very interested in your offline offer how can I apply


  10. I am dedicated to excellence and success.Im interested


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