British Council India 70th Anniversary Scholarships for Masters in UK, 2018

The British Council India 70th Anniversary Scholarships held at UK institutions are now up for grabs and they are quite generous.

You ought to plunge into this outstanding offer, which will cover your tuition fees in over 100 countries, which does say something for the original intent of the offer.

You have a good friend in the face of this exceptional offer which will cover up to GDP30,000 of your tuition fees. Yes, you heard us right. You may want to reconsider your search for a decent scholarship offer and plunge right into one of the many excellent UK institutions of higher learning.

The scholarship is excellent for Indian students which it targets. The scholarship is tenable only in the UK, however. You will need a decent IELTS score to be admitted to the respective institution. Every university sets its own criteria.

But let us explore the alternatives.

Out there are a whole bunch of opportunities to study . Online universities, online colleges, a masters degree online, online college degrees – these are all a possibility. And the online masters degree is possible the best one.

Why are these online alternatives important you might ponder – well for a number of reasons.

Online universities are gaining traction. Online colleges are even more numerous than the formerly mentioned. A masters degree online will be a much-needed credential by busy individuals and online college degrees are just easy to nab.

If you go after an online masters degree you will likely be an accomplished individual who simply does not have the time to dedicate to a real-life study.

There is hardly any shame in that. An online masters degree is not as easy to get, though. You can try at a real university or online universities. Even some online colleges will offer you a masters degree online on top of their online college degrees.

Overall, it is an exciting new world and being part of it is truly worth it. It is entirely up to you.


  1. Please I would like to be offered a scholarship and would want to know the requirements, terms and conditions. Thank you very much


  2. Hello there this is Abay Seifu from Ethiopia and I have graduated from mekelle university in civil engineering and I need to attend my MSc degree in Geotechnical engineering if you are willing to help me


  3. Good morning ,Nigeria time.
    I am interested on this scholarship. i want to know if the university offers Petroleum and Gas ,Mechatronic Engineering on the undergraduate levels as these are my dream courses.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you



  4. Hello! iam requesting for undergraduate scholarship in petroleum engineering, BOL KUOL BOL from SOUTH SUDAN.
    I really need help and i hope you can. I look forward to receiving a reply from you at anytime convinience to you THANKS.


  5. please can you kindly assist me for a scholarship.


  6. Am Deginet, from ETHIOPIA. I have done Geology in Arbaminch university. I wish now to continue my studies for Masters level in any domain of Geological science such as mining geology, engineering geology, and so on but am not able because of lack of means. Please, I beg for your scholarship for reaching to my wish. Thank you a lot for your regards on my reques


  7. Hello ,i\’m Tewodros Tamiru from Ethiopia. i wonna to study my MSC in MATHEMATICS there.please allow me


  8. Hello, am Alice Khonje from Malawi i wiuld like to study epidemiology in uk, i need your hlep in a full yime scholarship


  9. i like to study my master degree in uk.thanks.


  10. Hello this is solomon wale from Ethiopia and I have graduated from maddawalabu university in information system and I need to attend my MSc degree in computer science if you are willing to help me i need this chance please !!!!!!


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