KBS International Scholarships at University of Limerick in UK, 2018

And now the spotlight is on the KBS International Scholarships at the University of Limerick in the United Kingdom. Albeit a modest offer it may as well be one well worth your attention otherwise.

The University of Limerick is a great establishment of higher learning which dates back to the 1972. It is part of the National Institute for Higher Education and as such it s one of the cornerstones of education on the Island.

If you are genuinely interested in the offer, here are some basic things you ought to know:

  • International students may apply for these scholarships;
  • You must have an undergraduate degree, as the study level is Masters;
  • Decent, fluent English is an absolute must

In order to apply, you will have to find a suitable programme for you and apply before July 1. As soon as you gain admittance to the programme you have applied for, you will be automatically moved to the list of candidates for the scholarship.

There are, of course, others ways. You may opt for an associate degree online or an online college degree. At the same time you can fund your studies through grants for school or simply choose a university online degree.

Online universities naturally offer university online degree. But even a university online degree falls shorts of an associate degree online. The associate degree online promises to teach you the same amount of useful information in half the time, which proves nifty for working and busy individuals.

Grants for school will definitely offer some relief, and then – if you can’t get grants for school you can always go after online universities. Online universities will play an ever more important role in education.

Lastly, the online college degree is the stuff of legends. It is without a doubt a viable option when it comes to building a future for yourself and as such you should not balk at the idea at all. The online college degree will truly see you through some difficult times in your life.

Now is the time to consider your options and decide between online and offline. It is a toss-up, we know.


  1. please i am Angela from Ghana and i want to do my LLM offline. can i also get assistance. Thank you


  2. My Name is Timna Nofemela I live in South Africa in Cape Town in the townships called Gugulethu. I’m currently in ST Francis College doing my matric. I’m finishing my matric in June I need a scholarship because I applied at Capsicum Private Cooking School and the fees are R90 000 I don’t afford that money I live with my grandma and the only money supporting us is her pention money. Please help me with a scholarship. I’ll also be applying at government schools. Thank You.


  3. Hi am mwanja Simon in Uganda currently pursuing my bacholars in animal science at the university of busitema ,l would to get a scholarship from you guys


  4. Hi, I’m from Kenya doing degree in instrumentation and control engineering in Egerton university I would like a schorlaship


  5. Hi,
    My name is Haja Mbalu Koroma and I am from Sierra Leone.I have a Bsc in Economics and would very much like to Master in Economic Law or Economic Development ..i may kindly need a scholarship from you.Thanks


  6. hi I will be verry glad when you accorde me this offer.I\’am TOGO I want a scholarship for bachelor level.


  7. Hi,
    I\’m from Malawi, I have just completed my first degree in Applied Accounting, I would like to apply for the September intake. Please guide on application procedures and any information necessary.




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