Master’s Excellence Scholarship for International Students at Central European University, 2018

It is nice to start your Master’s studies at one of the best institutions in the whole of Europe.

This Master’s study opportunity is drawing to a quick close. The application’s deadline is 1 February 2018. In other words, if you are reading this – it is time for you to start gathering those dusty bits of paper and mailing them off rapidly.

This programme will really put other aspirants for the title of a decent scholarship to shame. This offer is tenable in the United States and targets International students. You will be offered sufficient money for a healthcare plan, full costs of education, and even a monthly living stipend. You can choose if you want the scholarship organizers to set you up with housing or not.

All you have to do now is hurry up for the application deadline. Then again if that flops, there are alternatives.

You can as well go after an online college degree. If you don’t want just any degree then you should keep it on your level with a masters degree online. An online college course will also suffice. Distance learning and distance learning courses are just as useful as anything.

An online college degree is easy to get and there is no reason why you should not try and get one. But do explore the alternatives as we have outlined them:

  • masters degree online – useful if you are looking to study in the higher-end of your respective field
  • online college course – useful if you are looking for a specific skill
  • distance learning – keeps costs low, helps you adapt to a balanced working and studying life
  • distance learning courses – a full-blown education done from one’s home and preferable to those who do not want to waste time travelling about much


So, in a nutshell, opportunities do exist for those that seek them. Personally we think, distance learning courses can be truly amazing. We understand that you would not want to change a real degree, coming with a full scholarship at that, for an online college degree. But the alternatives may be well worth looking into.

Consider them all – from the masters degree online through an online college course to distance learning in general!


  1. I Am A Sierra Leonean And I Connot Afford Money For Colledge Fees I No U Can Help Me Out.


  2. I am a student and i n can’t afford to pay for my fees to go to university


  3. Iam MBA onlione student very difficult pay tuition fees . Need heip


  4. please just give me achance if you have space


  5. I just completed my school last year and I would like to do a certain medical course kindly assist me with a scholarship


  6. Dear, Sir/Madam
    I am currently looking for a master program when I was informed that your institution has posted scholarship for developing country and I am interested in applying for any stream of Earth science. I was graduated from Bahir Dar University in Earthscience /Geology with CGAP 3.91. I am confident that the course I have studied in the discipline of geology and the qualification I have gained could meet your requirements. I am very passionate to learn in your institution in order to upgrade my status to solve communities problem locally as well as internationally.


  7. hi i want online study in your uni and i cant pay fee plz hlp and guide me


  8. I will be very grateful to be one of those to be selected for this scholarship


  9. I will be very happy when you consider my application.i need to have master degree in architecture.thanks.


  10. Dear sir/madam

    I would to pursue my studies With MBA,but difficulties of financial.I need your help to realize my dream.Thanks.


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